With Think Planet, Rezidor will be saving 867 Giga Wh (that's millions of kWhs) in 5 years. Do you want to join the wave of Think Planet supporters? Take a Think Planet pledge, check your impact and share with your friends.

I will cycle to work instead of taking the car saving 120g CO2/km.*

Distance in km

Number of days

Congratulations, you are saving 000 kg CO2 or the equivalent taken up by 000 trees in 1 year.*

I will turn my computer & screen fully off when leaving the office saving 1.5 kWh/night.

Days at office

Congratulations, you are saving 000 kWh or enough energy to heat 000 cups of tea.

I will join veggie Thursdays.

Number of weeks

Congratulations, you are saving 000 kWh and 000 kg CO2.

I will install LED lighting at home. Switching from halogen 12V to led saves about 45W per bulb.

Number of bulbs changed

Congratulations, you are saving kWh per year 000 or running your fridge for 000 days.**

Congratulations, you are saving 000 kWh per year or enough to bake 700 cakes a year.

*EU CO2 targeted emission standard
*** at an estimated 6 burning hours/day

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Save the Planet, save our next generations!

Moc Khang - 2014-07-04 03:50:40

Ben, apologies for the 'missing link' You can also find the list on http://www.rezidor.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=205430&p=respecolabels We have 2/3 of our hotels eco-labelled to date - over 220 hotels in EMEA

Inge - 2013-10-24 17:53:40

Re-use printed paper (when other side of page is white); Use the same bag in rubbish bin. You can always take out rubbish and leave the bag instead of throwing it away.

Arturas - 2013-07-11 21:16:41

Hi, sorry to disturb... I tried to check out the list of Ecolabeled hotels and received an error message (from chrome...)... I wanted to see if something specific is done on room soap/ shampoo is done in your hotels...? Tx http://www.rezidor.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=205430&p=respenvironmentalcert Cheers B

Ben - 2013-07-08 15:40:26

I'd like to be able to offset the carbon footprint generated by my hotel stay.

Esther Prax - 2013-04-10 14:34:39

I'd like to be able to open the window in any Rezidor hotel room.

Stefan Tange - 2012-09-24 22:04:30

Fireflies are not flies, they are beetles. The light is made by their abdomen.

They use it to attract mates and defend their territory.

Fireflies glow without wasting heat energy. All 100% of their energy goes into making light.